This page is reserved for your contributions. Your meaning; you as the individual designer. We wish to fill these pages with your comments, your World Design Days poster designs, photos from activities, proclamations, acknowledgements, and anything else that you think is relevant. Here we propose some ideas on how you could contribute.

The following are some of the contributions we are looking forward to receive:

  • Design a World Design Day poster in A3 Format - 420x297mm (4961x3508 pixels) and send to us by email, so that we could list your contribution.
  • Design World Design Day comics, jokes and fun drawings that we could share with others - the theme is: Design, Designers and everything else..
  • Send us your World Design Day event photos and videos from lectures, workshops or other happenings you would organize.
  • Write an article at your own blogs, publications or magazine and Link to World Design Days within your article, remember to download and utilize our identity.
  • Please remember to send us your contributions by email.
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